MSI Beauty Studio's Services

Skin Care Treatments

Smooth, radiant skin is often seen as the ultimate sign of good health. There’s a good reason for that:

We offer a variety of treatments to hydrate, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. Facial and body treatments can bring back your natural color and radiance, soften wrinkles and enhance your body’s natural beauty.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and skin health is critical to helping your body protect itself and remain healthy.

Hair Removal Waxing

Unwanted hair? How can you get rid of it? Plucking hairs out one at a time takes forever, and they grow back fast. It’s time consuming to pluck them.

Do you hate shaving your legs and underarms? It’s a never ending process! And what about Nair? It’s messy and doesn’t always get all of your unwanted hairs. Plus it smells awful.

We are specialists in waxing and hair removal and we remove your unwanted hair without torturing you because we know what we’re doing. Just read our reviews!

Some Common Myths 
About Waxing And Skin Care.

Exfoliation is important, so you should do it every day

Exfoliation is important to open pores and allow moisturizers to penetrate your skin. But exfoliating every day can replenish protective oils and damage your skin. Are you in need of a deep scrub? We have several options to refresh your skin.

A trip to our Beauty Studio is an unaffordable luxury.

We do our best to kill this myth by keeping our treatments as affordable as possible. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be pampered! We believe that relaxation is part of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone should be able to benefit from the physical and emotional rejuvenation that comes with a trip to the spa. That includes you.

Waxing and Skin Care are just for women.

This has never been true, but fortunately more and more men are coming around to this idea. Men can benefit just as much as women from a waxing and skin.

Waxing is really painful.

It doesn’t have to be. It depends on your esthetician. Also if you prepare your skin before your appointment, your pain will be negligible. Ask your esthetician how to prepare. Read our reviews, you will see how happy our customers are with their waxing experience.